What’s a good jumping saddle?

22 Mar, 2021
Written bysylvain houry
There are as many opinions on what is a good jumping saddle as there are riders. We often hear that the best is to use a mixed and versatile saddle. It would allow you to perform a wide range of movements. Nothing could be further from the truth!

From the moment you want to push yourself, you should buy a saddle that combines comfort and power. It should be made to fit you, the horse and yourself. Let’s take a look at it together!

Summary :

  1. Jumping saddle: how to choose?
  2. Is a good jumping saddle a certain size?
  3. Should a good jumping saddle be made to measure?

Jumping saddle: how to choose?

A high quality saddle should allow you to manage this type of riding in an optimal way. In other words, it should allow the horse and rider to excel, to become even better. While jumping races require flexibility in movement and accuracy as soon as it comes to jumping, the jumping saddle should therefore facilitate both of these points.

Stable and comfortable, it allows the horse to execute to the letter the movements initiated by the rider. It must be comfortable and not interfere with the movements of either. But it must also allow the rider to give all the power of jump to his horse.


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Optimization of some saddle parts

In order for these movements to be executed perfectly, the seat of the saddle must be hollow, semi-hollow or flat. During the races as well as during the jumps you will be able to keep a great stability.

The commands given to your horse will then be executed more easily by the latter. You will also gain in comfort when landing the horse after the jump.

Also, which remains the base for jumping, is reworked for the jumping saddle. The quarters are shorter than normal and are set slightly back, becoming an extension of your legs.

Discover the 3 types of seats that Arion Hst offers ici !

Is a good show jumping saddle a certain size?

Put another way, do you think you can choose any size of jumping saddle for your show jumping practice? The answer is of course no and so we will see why.

Taking measurements of several rooms

A good quality saddle starts with the right choice of size for several of its parts. The seat, for one, should generally be between 16.5 inches and 18 inches.

If you choose a size that is not adapted to your body type, you risk discomfort during sports. Your results could also suffer.

Arion’s made to measure saddles have specific quarters that are slimmer and shorter than other types of saddles. Finally, the cleats, which improve the rider’s stability during the jump, must also be adapted to your morphology and that of the horse.

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Jumping saddle: the right size

A good saddle must be the right size for you, the rider, but also for your horse. Otherwise, the saddle would be distended and could slip during the changes of rhythm imposed by the discipline of show jumping.

This would create friction in the straps, which could injure the horse. The horse’s jumping ability would be reduced and the rider himself could lose comfort. Eventually, you would not progress as fast as before in training and your results in competitions would be below your real abilities.

It is to address this type of problem that different sizes of saddles exist on the market. For show jumping as well as for other equestrian activities, choosing the right size saddle is essential.

Does a good jumping saddle have to be made to measure?

A made to measure saddle, like we offer at Arion HST, gives you a high quality saddle.

Improved comfort and movement

Choosing the right size cleat or seat is an important step, but it will not provide you with the comfort you can get from a made to measure saddle. The latter will provide you with stability and comfort.

Ideally designed around you and your horse, it is perfect not only for you, the rider, but also for your horse. Its comfort in training and competition is improved, your horse will be less tired. Each point of the show jumping course will be better mastered and executed with less difficulty, allowing for continuous improvement of your results.

Our made to measure saddle in action!

An unequalled relationship with the horse

To achieve such a level, the high quality jumping saddle is designed to enhance the natural communication between horse and rider.

Thanks to our Shoulders Free technology, you will feel every change of position and every movement of your horse. By understanding your horse better, you can adapt your commands at leisure at THE moment, accelerating his changes of direction or improving his landing after jumping.

With a show jumping saddle thought from your measurements, it is the whole horse/rider couple that is improved.

3 questions to summarize a good jumping saddle

What is a good show jumping saddle ?

A good saddle should be made to measure, based on the measurements of the horse and rider, in order to meet the daily needs of both.

What is a jumping saddle at Arion HST?

At Arion HST, the saddle is made to measure to facilitate the movements of the rider/horse couple and the natural communication between the two protagonists.

What parts make a good jumping saddle?

The type of seat, the size and inclination of the flaps and the size of the cleats form the basis for a good saddle.

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