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10 May, 2022
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Discover the Arion HST riding saddles, made in France. Indeed, when buying riding equipment, it is now essential to be concerned about its origin. We have at heart to offer you quality equipment, comfortable for you and your horse, durable and respectful of people and the environment.


The advantages of a saddle made in France

An Arion saddle made in France and made to measure

The advantages of a saddle made in France

France is one of the nations with the most developed equestrian heritage. Concerning sport or leisure riding, but also in terms of equipment production, our country has a unique wealth of know-how.

The ancestral know-how of our saddlers

When Arion HST was created, we wanted to highlight the know-how of French saddlers. Indeed, for a saddle made in France, we had to surround ourselves with only the best saddlers. 

For us, French manufacturing is much more than a symbolic value. It is a real commitment to manufacture with raw materials, craftsmen, and knowledge as local as possible.

The leathers that we use for our saddles comes from France. Furthermore, our workshop has settled in the South-West, a few kilometers away from our company. In this way, we combine quality materials with a reduced carbon footprint.

Mastering manufacturing from A to Z

In the French workshops for Arion, excellence is the order of the day. Our partner craftsmen work the leather manually, according to a know-how and a centuries-old method. Our workshop is also a place of permanent innovation, where new technologies allow us to set the bar of quality ever higher. 

Always searching for saddlery excellence, all the parts of our saddlery are handmade. At Arion, there is no mass production, as our custom-made pieces are made on demand. 

This allows us to have a permanent control on the quantity of raw material we need. Thus, there is no leather panel lost or damaged due to long storage. 

The fact that our workshop is very close to our company also gives us the possibility to control the quality at any time. Therefore, if you are waiting for your custom-made saddle, we can tell you exactly where it is in the production process and how long it will take for our workshop to finish. 

An Arion saddle made in France and made to measure

At Arion HST, we combine the quality of materials with a special manufacturing process for optimal comfort. Our created in France saddles can be custom-made or half-made. On the other hand, our accessories and other saddlery equipment are designed to optimize your horse’s comfort at all times.

Adapted to your horse’s morphology

For your next saddle, why not choose a saddle made in France and custom-made? At Arion, we offer products based on a search for optimal comfort for you and your horse. 

We believe that, to be ideal, a saddle must be forgotten. By making it to measure, a saddle made in France becomes perfectly adapted to your horse’s morphology. 

  • Forget the pressure points caused by a standard size saddle, 
  • Do away with seats that are too short or too long, 
  • Adapt the size of the saddle flaps to the size of your legs for more comfort.

By choosing an Arion saddle, you are investing in your comfort as well as your performance on horseback. Indeed, thanks to comfortable equipment that does not hinder your horse, it will be able to move freely and express all its qualities. A custom-made saddle made in France will allow your horse to regain its suppleness and body elasticity in the three disciplines of classical riding.

Why choose a made to measure saddle ?

Why choose a made to measure saddle ?

Why choose a made to measure saddle? This question, you will certainly hear it several times a month if you are a regular visitor to riding schools. Some people claim that a mass-produced saddle is as good as a custom made saddle, others claim that nothing beats a...

Our expertise for your comfort

Since 2018, we have been designing riding saddles in France, searching for the most total comfort. Founded by two professional show jumping and CCE riders, our brand centers around three guiding values: Premium, Innovation, Sporting. 

Since the creation of Arion, we have been working hard to offer you high quality premiere products. These products, designed with new technologies and innovation, will help you achieve your sporting goals. 

Our will is to accompany you in the best possible way to offer you the saddle made in France that you expect. Thus, our experts accompany you at each step of the manufacturing process of your saddle. 

We know that riding equipment is not limited to saddles. In a quest for absolute comfort at all times, we have also created a range of riding accessories, including girths, snaffles, bridles and gaiters, among others. These accessories allow your horse to work, from the hooves to the ears, with equipment adapted to his morphology and comfortable for him. 

Why buy a saddle made in France?

By choosing a saddle made in France, you are betting on the quality of the materials, an ancestral know-how as well as a constant research of innovation for the performance.

How do I know if a saddle really is made in France?

At Arion HST, we work with an expert workshop with over forty years of experience. We know who we are working with and have selected this workshop for its values, which are close to our own.

What are the advantages of a custom saddle?

A custom-made saddle is a saddle that respects the specific morphology of each horse. Thus, the horse is no longer blocked in its movements and can evolve freely, in a search for performance.

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