The Arion Sellier's Team

The founder.

Sylvain Houry, founder and president of Arion Sellier.

It was in California, where Sylvain was hired as a sales manager for a saddlery house, that the idea of Arion was floating around in his head. The American dream became a reality in 2018 when he created Arion Horse Sport Tack and marketed accessories. But Sylvain wants to go further to meet the requirements of the world’s best riders and improve the well-being of horses. True to his influences and values, he and Hadrien succeeded in combining innovation, comfort and the “French touch” to launch a first collection of high-end sport saddles in 2020, first in the United States, then in France a few months later.

“My passion for luxury products and French craftsmanship, as well as for horseback riding and the people I have met, made me want to create my own brand; marked by authenticity, quality and innovation.”
Enthralled by horseback riding from a very young age, Sylvain quickly imagined himself becoming a world champion. However, he decided to stop when he was a teenager. Admiring his twin brother’s results, he got back in the saddle and quickly acquired a good level. His perseverance and ambition lead him to the Pro 1 level of the French CCE championships, in parallel with his studies in a major French business school.

After entering the workforce, the equestrian competition fades in favour of his professional career which leads him across the Atlantic. Driven by his boldness and passion, Sylvain skillfully juggles emotion, balance and energy like any good rider. The French entrepreneur, now based in Florida, also shows insight and precision to drive the movement and become one with his teams, like the osmosis formed by the rider and his horse.

What does he likes? The thirst for discovery.

In addition to horseback riding, Sylvain practices a multitude of sports: wake boarding, tennis, golf, swimming, yoga, pilates, soccer, running… His insatiable curiosity also pushes him to travel the world and to get off the beaten track. Hyperactive and nature lover, Sylvain also loves to take care of his garden, when he is not behind the stove cooking good food.

Hadrien Schenck, inspiring director, responsible for sales within the Arion Sellier French team.

As general manager, Hadrien holds the reins of Arion with passion and perseverance. Supported by his team of saddlery expert consultants, he is also responsible for sales in France. Naturally empathetic and eager for challenges, Hadrien never ceases to fulfill the wishes of Arion’s customers, so that the rider feels the mechanics of his mount and the horse is happy and free to move.

“Dedicated to the comfort, well-being and performance of the horse, we use 100% of our energy to satisfy you”
Entrepreneur, perfectionist and competitor at heart, this former high-level eventing rider has always flirted with the equestrian world. He started out as a horse trainer in Bordeaux, working alongside world and Olympic vice-champion Cédric Lyard. He then managed an owner’s stable in the Tarn region of France, before embarking on a commercial career. After selling saddles for a prestigious French company and horse transport vehicles for an English brand, he returned to the world of equestrian sports to represent Arion Sellier France.

His hobby? The thrill of it all.

In search of adrenaline, Hadrien enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding and wake boarding. He is a former riding instructor, and is also the proud father of two children. As everyone knows, being a parent is often a sport! Born in the South-West of France, Hadrien is an epicurien with an overflowing enthusiasm, who likes to share convivial and festive moments with family and friends.

Kirsten Rose, US Sales Manager.

Kristen has been involved in many aspects of the equine industry since she began riding and competing at eight years old.

After owning and operating a full service training barn in MD, Kristen left the industry for a short time to focus on raising her children and to regain her amateur status.

Kristen has been an expert saddle fitter and manager for one of the leading French brands prior to joining Arion, and looks forward to working with you


The cavalry of marketing.

Gabrielle Fournier, US & Canada Marketing Communications Manager.

Gabrielle joined the Arion team in 2021. Her experience in equestrian marketing and sport has improved Arion’s expansion in the United States and Canada. Gabrielle earned her bachelor’s degree in History and a Minor in Law Studies while competing on and three-time captain of the NCEA Division I Equestrian Team at Delaware State University. 

An equestrian creative with experience in the industry as a competitor, working student, and marketing intern for Equestrian Sport Productions, Inc. in Wellington, FL provides her the background to pursue her passions with the Arion team. A team leader and self-starter, Gabrielle is a great member of our team and supporter of #TeamArion.

Outside of the Office.

Gabrielle continues to compete nationally and travels to Wellington for the winter season after spending the rest of her time in her hometown in Connecticut. Still an avid equestrian competitor, she takes time to ride daily and support fellow #TeamArion members.

Chloe Cazebon, Europe Marketing and Communication Manager.

An expert in communication strategy, Chloé manages all marketing and communication projects for Arion’s French market.
After obtaining a master’s degree in communication in CSR and events in Paris, Chloé returned to her beloved region, the Gironde, where she took her first steps on a pony. Passionate about the equestrian world from a very young age, she always knew that she would combine work and passion.

Her hobby? Spending time with animals, of course!

Since 2021, her young mare Jayne has come into her life at only 3 years old, giving way to a great adventure! Learning, rigor, and, above all, a lot of love punctuate this new life.
In a joyful and very adventurous mood, Chloé also loves to travel in order to discover new cultures and inspirations.

To stay in shape, she also spends a lot of energy in the gym or going for walks during which she thinks of new creative ideas for Arion Sellier.


The squadron of saddle experts.
Whether you are in France or elsewhere, our “saddle fitters ” come and meet you to discuss the technical aspects and needs related to your passion. Thus, you have only one contact person to find the saddle of your dreams and to accompany you at each step.

Passionate about the equestrian world, Arion’s technical advisors all have several years of experience.

They are also trained in the design and adaptation of custom-made saddles. Biomechanics and locomotion of the horse, animal welfare, ergonomics and position of the rider, resistance of materials have no secrets for them. Like the great couturiers, they take all the necessary measures to make your saddle haute couture.

Get to know our experts.


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