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Equipment made in France for your horse!

Faced with the climate emergency, more and more of us are turning to clean products, made closer to home. Our sport is no exception to the rule, more and more riders are looking for equipment made in France for their horses! At Arion HST, it is without pretension that...

Arion HST : your saddle made in France

Discover the Arion HST riding saddles, made in France. Indeed, when buying riding equipment, it is now essential to be concerned about its origin. We have at heart to offer you quality equipment, comfortable for you and your horse, durable and respectful of people and...

Prejudices about the double nose piece

The double nose piece is surely the most divisive piece of tack. There are countless prejudices about it heard in the stable corridors. Fortunately, many, if not all, of these prejudices are unfounded. Let's untangle the truth from the falsehood. Summary The double...

An Arion custom saddle for your horse

What would you say to offering your horse the comfort of an Arion custom-made saddle?  Quality of materials, great durability, tenfold comfort for optimal performance, choosing a custom-made saddle for your next horse can be a very wise choice.  Let us explain it all...

Labor Day Weekend Sale!

On bridles and reins.



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