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New products! Discover our ARION HST training horse boots!

Discover our training horse protections and work your horse with complete peace of mind. To make riding ever more comfortable for our horses so that they can give the best of themselves, discover our new training protections. A specific design, noble materials, an...

New products! Discover our ARION HST show boots!

New Arion HST show protection. Our goal is to allow you to take your horse to the show in optimal conditions of comfort and safety. In addition to our custom or half-measure saddles, as well as our accessories, discover today the show protection.  Information and...

Prejudices about the double nose piece

The double nose piece is surely the most divisive piece of tack. There are countless prejudices about it heard in the stable corridors. Fortunately, many, if not all, of these prejudices are unfounded. Let's untangle the truth from the falsehood. Summary The double...

How to choose the right bridle for your horse?

An indispensable element in classical horsemanship, the horse's snaffle is an integral part of our saddlery. Just like the saddle, the bridle is a way to communicate with our horse to make him an athlete.  However, we sometimes pay less attention to this equipment...

Labor Day Weekend Sale!

On bridles and reins.



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