Classic design reimagined.

In order to make our way to success without obstacles, we push our limits with innovative concepts. Established in France only in 2020, our company offers proven technology.

The Shoulder Free panels and the ergonomic elastic headpiece presented by Arion Sellier are two major innovations in the world of horseback riding.

With its focus on technology combined with French saddlery craftsmanship, Arion targets the well-being of the rider-horse couple. And to develop these revolutionary processes, we rely on the long experience of horse riding of our founders.

But also, on the precious feedback of our saddle experts and the riders of the Arion’s Team. By shaking up the codes of saddlery, our company perfectly illustrates its expertise and know-how so that the horse takes as much pleasure as its rider.


Allowing movement & communication.

Shoulder Free Technology

Meticulously handcrafted in the Basque Country and dressed with the best leathers, our saddles perpetuate the heritage of saddlery know-how and are part of an innovative approach with talent.

Our authentic and ever more audacious sport saddles are designed by riders for riders. They are designed in collaboration with the engineers and saddlers.

For horses with broad shoulders and high withers, Arion offers Shoulder Free Technology. To improve the saddle balance on the horse’s back by comfortably sitting on the horse’s muscles, the articulated panel of the saddle release pressure on their shoulders. This technology also gives support to the rider’s knees and allows them to move with the horse’s natural movements during performance.

For the rider’s comfort, the saddle offers shock and vibration absorption, as well as tenfold serenity and stability. For the horse, our technology hugs the curves of the back to ensure maximum contact while taking the pressure off the shoulders. The articulated panels offer an advance in performance. They accentuate the horse’s range of motion and give them absolute freedom.

The paradise on earth, is on the back of a horse, rythming the sound of the gallop to the one of my heart.

Josiane Coeijmans

Custom Panel Technology

Our articulated shoulder free panels are adaptable to all of our models of custom-made saddles, double flap jumping, mono-flap cross country, and dressage saddles.

Whether you choose classic panels, front cut panels (around the shoulder) or shoulder free. Arion allows you to customize all of the panels of the saddle, making it 100% made for you and your horse.

Whether it is in the front, middle, or back. Unlike any other, Arion saddlery distinguishes itself from other equipment manufacturers by creating a TRULY CUSTOMIZED product, both in terms of the size of the saddle panels and the opening of the saddle tree.

Each saddle is unique

The unison of craftsmanship and new technologies, Arion saddles are uniquely created exclusively on demand. Each saddle panel, made of leather and polyurethane foam of specific density, is cut with the greatest precision. Laser cutting of the leather and 3D sanding of the foam provide perfect symmetry.

Riders of all sizes, levels, and discplines that are in perpetual search for freedom and performance, Arion promises exceptional comfort. Also, providing superior quality and longevity of its leather products within the equestrian sport.

tack innovation

Arion frees the senses and invents new sensations.

The Anatomic Elastic Headpiece

Headpieces are a central part of the bridle and deserves much attention in terms of design and comfot. This piece of tack is in direct contact with sensitive areas of the horse, such as the facial muscles and nerves, and the ears. Horses ears are extremely mobile and move independently of each other. They are one of the most developed senses of the horse. For this reason, our anatomic headpiece features padding and articulation at the base of the ears, providing unparalleled comfort.

The wide Arion headpiece, lined in French vegetable-tanned leather, is adjusted with a strong elastic band to ensure optimal flexion. By giving the bridle flexibility, this clever detail ensures the mobility of the horse’s entire head and better adapts to the skull’s morphology. Our elastic headpiece encourages free movement.

Results show better sensations and a liberation of the senses. But above all, an absence of pressure on the jaw, the skull, the neck and the spine. An immediate benefit for the horse, as well as for the rider who will feel his mount less stressed and with more response.

Our anatomic elastic headpiece is available in 3 sizes and 2 colors. And it is, of course, adjustable with all the bridles of the Arion range.

Anatomic Bridle with Flash Noseband


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