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27 May, 2022
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The Atlas half-measure saddle is a saddle model designed for the comfort of riders, at the best price. Less known than our custom saddle range, our half-measure saddle is a high-quality product that deserves to be discovered and tried. When it comes to horseback riding, you’ll agree that comfort and high quality should not be a financial barrier. 

In this article, discover our Atlas model and all its features.


  1. What is a half size saddle?
  2. The advantages of our Atlas half size saddle

What is a half-size saddle?

We often hear about custom-made saddles. We now know that these are saddles that respect the morphology of each horse and each rider. However, we see more and more the mention “half size”, like our Atlas model. What is it about? Explanations.

Presentation of the Atlas half-measure saddle

Our half-measure saddle is a halfway house between a custom saddle and a standard saddle. Unlike mass-produced saddles, our Atlas saddle takes your body shape into consideration. In fact, you can choose the size of the seat and flaps, depending on your preferences. We offer different seat sizes and flap lengths to provide you with a saddle that fits your body. 

For your horse’s comfort, we offer high density foam panels with shape memory properties. Thus, the saddle will naturally adapt to the shape of your horse’s back. As a result, the saddle will become more and more comfortable for your horse. 

The right saddle for every discipline

Our Atlas half-measure saddle is available in three different models. Indeed, thanks to our experience of high-level riders, we know that each discipline requires its specific equipment. So, to allow all riders to have comfortable and quality equipment, we have adapted our offer. 

Discover the Atlas saddle in its jumping version, as well as in its single quarter versions for cross-country or dressage.  


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Whatever the discipline, each Atlas saddle is customizable regarding seat size and flaps. In the same way, each saddle is made by craftsmen in our workshop in the South West of France. For the manufacture of the saddle, we opted for French nubuck for its properties of resistance and comfort. Furthermore, the Atlas saddles are designed with a leather bottom reinforcement to protect this area subject to friction. 

The advantages of our Atlas half size saddle

For the rider, a saddle with personalized dimensions is a real guarantee of comfort. It allows you to forget about the problems and discomforts of having the wrong length flaps. In general, a saddle that fits you will help you ride in a good position, better for you and your horse.

Better comfort for better performance

With no discomfort from the saddle, you can ride naturally. It will no longer be necessary to compensate for a material defect with your position. 

A half size saddle like our Atlas saddle will help you find a light, supple, fluid and efficient riding. Your riding will be more efficient and comfortable, but also more pleasant to look at. 

Another significant benefit you will find in a half size saddle is the comfort it will provide your horse. As your riding becomes more and more accurate as you go along, your horse will be able to settle into the work in a way that is more comfortable for him. He will also not suffer from the physical compensations of inadequate equipment. 

Thus, you will optimize your training, which will improve your performance while considerably limiting the risk of injury.

A high-quality saddle at the best price

The Atlas Half Saddle offers many advantages in terms of comfort and performance optimization

It is in line with our custom saddles, such as our leather jumping saddle, which is known for its comfort.

However, unlike our custom-made saddles, the Atlas saddle has the added benefit of its competitive price. Indeed, our Atlas’s cost is the same of a mid-range level, without compromising on comfort and quality. It is made of quality leather, by skilled master craftsmen; it is adapted to your morphology, its durability is outstanding, and it is priced like some mass-produced saddles. 

With Atlas, we want to offer the ideal saddle for every budget.

To increase your horse’s comfort, to optimize your training and your performance, discover our collection of accessories. 

These accessories use the same French leather as our saddles. Girths, reins, shock absorbers, if your horse has specific needs, opt for his comfort on that side too. Discover also our bridles, reins, and snaffle parts like our headpiece which answers specifically to the needs of sensitive horses

Three questions to ask yourself to understand everything about the Atlas half saddle

What is a half size saddle?

A half-measure saddle like the Atlas saddle is a saddle whose proportions (flaps and seat) are adapted to the rider’s morphology. 

Why choose an Atlas Arion saddle?

We designed our Atlas saddle to offer you the best comfort, quality materials and durability at the best price. 

What will a half size saddle do for me?

A half size saddle designed for you will be a great help to improve your riding, optimize your training and enhance your performance.

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