The Origins of Arion

The factory.

Our History

The origin of Arion lies in our name. Evocative of our passion, we imagined Arion to be easily memorable and pronounceable in all languages.
In Greek mythology, Arion is an immortal horse that feeds on gold. Mounted by the messenger of the gods, Arion is the fastest of all. This name, imbued with longevity, excellence, and performance, echoes the values we hold dear.

Our adventure began in 2018, when Arion Horse Sport Tack was born in the United States under the drive of Sylvain Houry, a young French expatriate entrepreneur.

At the time, the company only sold riding tack & accessories, in partnership with a French saddler.

In 2020, Sylvain wished to expand his company by integrating saddlery in his brand. He and his long-time friend, Hadrien Schenck, took a daring gamble, in the middle of a world crisis. Both are former professional competitors in show jumping and eventing. A common passion and personal history unite them around two ideas.

One, to offer amateur and professional riders an innovative high-end product, with absolute comfort and focused on the well-being of the horse.

The other, to produce exceptional custom-made saddles, 100% made in France, with the best materials. Based on ergonomics and a requirement of manufacturing in a workshop with precious know-how, Arion is at the service of riders and horses to aim for excellence and represent the quintessence of French saddlery. Arion Sellier France was born in June 2020. 



Arion Horse Sport Tack is growing in the United States and commercializes horse riding tack & accessories.


More than 15 riders evolving at the highest levels (international competition) have already joined the Arion team.


Creation of Arion HST and the first saddles of the brand. Dressed in the finest French leathers, they are made in the Basque Country, France.


Arion celebrates the production of its 1000th saddle.


Arion reveals the true potential of the horse.

Whatever your level or discipline is, Arion offers you top-of-the-line, innovative, and competitive tack and accessories. To achieve this, we rely on a premium selection of the finest French leather and on the development of new technologies to promote well-being of you and your horse.

Our ambition is to offer a comfortable saddle for horse and rider that simplifies your sport.

All our saddles are handmade in France, in accordance with our values. By modernizing the manufacturing processes and tools, our partner workshop, located at the bottom of the Pyrenees, perfectly combines performance and a remarkable craft heritage.

This balance between audacity and authenticity offers an exhilarating experience to riders and their partners.

To accompany you, to guide you, and to adapt to your desires, is the awareness of the Arion team of experts. Our experts are specially trained to analyze your needs, take proper measurements, and answer your most specific requests in order to create our dream saddle.


Saddles 100% created for you and your horse.


Our Arion model offers a custom configuration, adapts its ergonomics to the biomechanics of the horse as well as to the rider. This customized saddle perfectly fits the curves of the equine athlete, free to express their talents.


The semi-custom saddles.


Atlas, the semi-custom saddle, fits you and is characterized by an excellent compromise between high quality and affordable price. Atlas is an ultra-resistant saddle that offers models for jumping, dressage, or cross-country riding.


An exceptional saddle that celebrates the French know-how and limits its environmental impact.

Designed and manufactured in the Southwest of France, each of our unique saddles perpetuates a luxurious and recognized artisanal quality. Offering exceptional characteristics of resistance, safety, and comfort.

Arion strives to limit our environmental footprint. As an equestrian equipment manufacturer, we have made the respectful choice of sourcing French leather exclusively from the food industry. This recycled raw material is then transformed locally by tanneries committed to a less polluting approach.

Working exclusively on a made-to-order basis, Arion does not overproduce and thus offers riding saddles and accessories that are both durable and of excellent workmanship.

Our top customer service mission opens the field of possibilities and answers the concerns of amateur and professional riders. By relying on a perpetual innovation and a manufacturing requirement, our elegant leather saddles are adapted to the singularity of each one. Choosing Arion Sellier France means that you are sure to ride on a saddle that is adapted to your morphology and to your sporting objectives.


The Arion Team.

An inspiring, wise, and passionate team.

Arion has developed around friendships, relationships, and strong values.

From the founders of the company, to the team of saddlery experts who work in the field, without forgetting the marketing cavalry, discover our team of shockers with galloping ideas!


Arion development is international.

The Team of Champions.
By marketing its first equipment in the United States, Arion has made the right bets. The brand was quickly adopted by International Professional Show Jumper, Nick Dello Joio and continues to grow at the highest levels.

Other top riders and young prodigies have followed suit around the world. Their quest for performance and their love for high-end saddlery have brought them to us. Today, Arion is proud to accompany the world renowned athletes and to share their success around common values.

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