11 May, 2021
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Jumping, sometimes called jumping, is the practice of horseback riding that requires intense, short-time exertion from your horse. You yourself, as a rider, probably experience back pain or soreness after practice. This is certainly a sign of a saddle that is not comfortable enough!

To alleviate this major concern, Arion HST has thought of and designed thanks to its craftsmen the leather jumping saddle, comfortable and provided for the dimensions of your horse and yourself. Are you looking for the top of the comfort in leather saddle? It’s over here!


  1. How comfortable are Arion HST leather jumping saddles?
  2. What jumping saddle models are available from Arion HST
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  4. Leather jumping saddles: what changes in everyday life?

How comfortable are Arion HST leather jumping saddles?

To understand what makes our leather jumping saddles exceptionally comfortable, let’s take a look at what makes them and who are the craftsmen behind these luxury creations.

100% French origin leather

To achieve exceptional comfort for a show jumping saddle, choosing exceptional leather is an important first step. Since its creation in 2018, Arion HST has been promoting the use of 100% French origin leather, for the quality of its tanning and the respect of the environment that goes hand in hand with our conception of the saddler’s craft. For this, the best French tanneries are solicited and high quality leather is selected to design a luxury saddle. Without a supple and resistant raw material, the very notion of comfort would be impossible to obtain to design a jumping leather saddle.
jumping leather saddle 2

Our requirement: a Premium quality, that passes above all by our leathers!

Enjoy the expertise of Arion HST craftsmen

Made to measure, our Arion HST jumping saddle is born in our workshop in southwest France. It is our saddler craftsmen who will start from the measurements of your horse and yourself to make a unique object, perfectly studied so that you two can give the full measure of your talents.

In addition to a design adapted to the needs of jumping, from the engagement of the hips to the personalized seat, our leather jumping saddles benefit from tanned skins from several different animals. This allows us to achieve a wide range of movement, feel and reaction of the raw material to the movement being performed. Thanks to forty years of experience as leather craftsmen, our saddlers are able to make resistant saddles that know how to remain comfortable.

What jumping saddle models are available from Arion HST?

At Arion HST, there are several types of finishes available, all of which affect the tactile feel you get when riding and thus the overall comfort in a jumping context.

The comfort of grained leather

The grained finish on our leather jumping saddles is recognizable by the multitude of small grains that dot its surface. Very trendy for several decades, this type of finish is stylistic, of course, but not only! In fact, grained leather also has something to say when it comes to the comfort of a show jumping saddle.

First of all, it is perfectly suited to outdoor sports practice because it is more resistant than average to scratches and shocks. In the long run, this leather finish knows less changes than smooth leather. The comfort you will get at the time of your purchase will then be the same as the one you will have after several years of jumping practice.

leather jumping saddle 3

Jumping saddle

CUSTOM-MADE | grained leather

Jumping saddle calf leather or nubuck

In calf lining, our leather jumping saddle is smooth but also thicker. Some would say softer to the touch and therefore more comfortable than most other types of leather. Generally speaking, calf leather is one of the softest leathers on the market, though it doesn’t lose any strength compared to other hides.

Its exterior appearance, very shiny, also does not lose its shine after several years of use. As for the nubuck, it provides a very soft tactile feel that delights lovers of pieces that are pleasant to the touch. Very comfortable too, it allows you to design all types of seats for your saddle: hollow, semi-hollow and flat.

leather jumping saddle 4

Jumping saddle

CUSTOM-MADE | calf leather

leather jumping saddle 5

Jumping saddle

CUSTOM-MADE | nubuck leather

Leather jumping saddles: what changes in everyday life?

While the raw material and the know-how of our saddlery craftsmen is at the heart of the comfort you will find with our leather jumping saddles, let’s now see in what contexts this one will materialize.

Less strenuous training

The repetition of show jumping movements during training can lead to an imbalance in the wear and tear of the various parts that make up the saddle. But at Arion, the custom design from high quality leather and thanks to modern technology allows to alleviate this major problem in horse riding.

All the parts that make up the Arion jumping saddle are thus more resistant together and can accompany you for several years. The fatigue accumulated by your mount will decrease with each passing day and your health problems, including back pain, will also go down.

Why choose a made to measure saddle ?

Why choose a made to measure saddle? This question, you will certainly hear it several times a month if you are a regular visitor to riding schools. Some people claim that a mass-produced saddle is as good as a custom made saddle, others claim that nothing beats a...

Less strenuous training

Without a comfortable saddle designed around your respective dimensions (the horse and you), you would not be able to give the full measure of your potential. That’s why, at Arion, the comfort of a leather jumping saddle is the basis of the thought process that goes into designing this one-of-a-kind piece.

With your back problems out of the way and in better shape, the horse and rider pair can therefore improve in training to reach the heights during show jumping competitions. More comfort also means less stress and therefore more foresight when jumping the obstacle!

3 questions that sum up the comfort of a leather jumping saddle!

Why are Arion HST leather jumping saddles so comfortable?

The choice of high quality leather of 100% French origin mixed with the know-how of our saddlers’ craftsmen allows us to offer you very comfortable show jumping saddles.

Jumping saddles: what types of leather are available?

At Arion HST, there are three types of finishes available for jumping saddles: calf lined, grained and nubuck.

Does a comfortable leather jumping saddle lose strength?

No, because at Arion HST we offer grained leather, which is more scratch resistant, as well as lined calf leather to gain strength over time.

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