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11 Mar, 2021
Written bysylvain houry

At Arion, made in France is second nature, one of our most important values. We choose a 100% French leather, of high quality and coming from the best tanneries in the country. We offer competitive prices for luxury items, with the shortest possible circuit and the accompaniment of the riders. Take a leap into traditional French manufacturing with our workshop Arion Made in France !

Summary :

  1. Arion made in France: what does local manufacturing imply?
  2. What items are created in this southwestern workshop?
  3. Arion made in France: what steps of design?

Arion made in France: what does local manufacturing imply?

Arion’s leather workshop is both a site of innovation based on age-old traditions and a crossroads of the short circuit. Focus on a site of craftsmanship with a future.

Short circuit of the raw material

At Arion, made in France is not only symbolic, it is also a commitment to producing the most local raw material possible. To design your riding equipment or your saddle, we have chosen to select a leather 100% of French origin.

Of top-of-the-range quality, this leather allows us to design objects of equally high quality. Ultimately, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing emissions from the transportation of goods. The leather therefore comes from France and has the lowest possible emissions.

By choosing the Arion workshop for the making of your riding saddle, you are choosing a luxury manufacturing more respectful of the environment!

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Mix of tradition and modernity

Leather work is ancient in France. It is moreover in the Middle Ages that the trade owes its official recognition, notably with the establishment of guilds of saddlers, the craftsmen who worked leather.

The working of the raw material as well as the handling of the traditional tools have been transmitted until today in the form of the relationship between a master and his apprentice. Our craftsmen are then the direct heirs of this centuries-old know-how.

The working of the raw material as well as the handling of the traditional tools have been transmitted until today in the form of the companionship and the relationship between a master and his apprentice. Our craftsmen are then the direct heirs of this centuries-old French know-how. .
atelier made in france arion hst

What items are created in this southwestern workshop?

In our workshop Arion made in France, located in the south-west of France, we produce several models of riding saddles customized and adapted to your sport as well as to the horse/rider couple.

Several types of riding saddles

Our saddles are like horse riding practices: varied! In fact, their morphology adapts to the needs for stability, freedom of movement and comfort required by the practice. Whether it is obstacle course, endurance, riding or dressage, you will find an Arion saddle made of leather adapted to your needs.

Discover now our jumping saddles made to measure and designed to give you more stability during the jump.

Featuring an extra deep seat to allow you to feel the slightest change in the movement of your mount, Arion HST dressage saddles are perfect for those who love dressage more than any other discipline.

More versatile, cross country saddles will provide you with stability and power of movement for an optimally managed course.

Customized design

In your workshop Arion made in France, you will have the opportunity to discover the custom made riding saddle for your own needs. Entirely personalized, it will be designed on your dimensions but also according to the morphology of your horse, which remains one of the essential values of our profession.

At ease, your horse will be more able to listen to you and perform the different movements of your sport to perfection. By perfecting the dimensions of our saddles and their comfort, you will soon realize that your back pain or even your horse’s discomfort will be nothing but bad memories.



Contact one of our expert for your custom made saddle ! Harrison Thompson +1 (310) 570-3466

Arion Made in France: what stages of design?

Arion HST’s “made in France” approach means a succession of steps in the field, from the design to the selling of the desired item.

From design to sale

Helped by 3D computer modeling software, our leather craftsmen from Arion made in France are today able to design on computer your future saddle!

This allows you to have a precise idea of the desired object and to check that every detail of the saddle is in line with your personal needs and desires. Then comes the step of choosing the raw materials, from leather to secondary materials such as metal. Then comes the manufacturing of the prototype, which will serve as a real model for your saddle.

Finally, the creation of your saddle is the key moment in the manufacturing process, the one that truly combines the craftsman’s know-how and the contribution of modern technology.

Arion made in France equips the best riders

The world’s best riders in each specialty love our know-how and the French leather craftsmanship.

Arion HST’s “Made in France” label thus attracts famous riders in each discipline, such as John French, jumping specialist and several times winner of prestigious international awards.

Our custom-made saddles, based on national know-how, allow the best riders in the world to surpass themselves and go to the limit.

Nick Dello Joio

Above the rider @nickdellojoio of team Arion

3 questions to resume Arion HST’s Made in France

🇫🇷 What does Arion HST’s Made in France label mean?

The label Arion made in France means that our manufacturing workshops are located in France and more precisely in the south-west.

🐓 What are the advantages of “made in France”

Made in France allows you to benefit from French artisanal know-how and raw materials elaborated entirely in France.

🏆 Are the saddles made in France upmarket?

Yes, the riding saddles made in France can be considered as luxury creations available at very competitive prices.

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