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21 Jul, 2021
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When looking for a high quality horse saddle, Arion HST has both the technical qualities and the experience to produce the best of the best. Offering half-measure or custom-made saddles, we are craftsmen of riding equipment.

Summary :

  1. What is a high quality horse saddle?
  2. What does Arion HST have to offer in a high quality saddle?
  3. High-end horse saddles: which models are available?

What is a high-end horse saddle ?

A high quality horse saddle combines meticulous design and exceptional durability.

A Half-Size or Custom Design

A standard quality saddle is often designed using general measurements, rather than saddles that are made from your own measurements. Arion HST’s half-measure models are based on general measurements but are customized to your needs, as high quality horse saddle. The assimilation of the saddle to your horse’s body is as essential as the adaptation to the saddle and your measurements. A saddle must belong to a rider/horse combination and ideally not to be used for several riders and horses. A saddle of this quality contributes fully to your success, whereas a standard saddle does not allow you to exceed your limits.

selle de jumping cuir 3

Custom-made saddle

Arion HST

selle DRESSAGE sur-mesure nubuck

semi-custom saddle
Atlas By Arion

Exceptional Longevity

Top of the line saddles rely on noble and high quality materials to gain longevity. This is a constant that you will find among all high quality pieces. French leather is one of the most reliable and resilient materials to create high-end saddles. This material is resilient but also supple when needed and is ideal for all equestrians.

The quality leather withstands all weather that riders experience on a daily basis such as humidity and sunlight. In addition to weather resilience, French leather also can withstand contact and rubbing with your horse’s skin. French leather includes all of the qualities needed to design long-lasting, high-end saddles.

What does Arion HST have to offer for a high-end saddle?

Do you know what differentiates high-end horse saddles from high quality saddles made by Arion HST? No?

High-End Horse Saddles: Craftsmanship

Located in the southwest of France, our saddlery workshop focuses their work around craftsmanship. To design a top-of-the-range saddle, we insist on mastering each step of the manufacturing process. We startwith a computer-assisted technical drawing to give shape to our creation. Then, we design a prototype to depict a concrete idea of the expected result. Our craftsmen continue to the actual making of the custom saddle. Everything is calculated and measured from the measurements of you and your horse. This artisanal conception, at the antipodes of industrial manufacturing, allows us to produce luxury saddles and accessories.

An Experience of the Equestrian World

At Arion HST, our experience in professional equestrian competition separates us from our competitors. During the manufacturing of a saddle, we bring our experience to propose targeted alterations. Our knowledge of the field allows us to solve specific problems during the manufacturing of the saddle. Each part of the saddle is designed for the well-being of the horse, but also for your own comfort.

Our high-class material used in our saddles help both horses and riders improve with ease. Where a standard saddle is not necessarily adapted to your daily practice, our creations are designed for practice and competition formats. For training, leisure, or competition, there is nothing quite like a top of the range saddle to achieve your riding goals.

High-End Horse Saddles: Which Models are Available?

Innovation, high-quality, and well-being of the horse define Arion HST. With these words in mind, we have designed three types of custom-made high-end horse saddles and a new half-measure model.

The New Half-Measure Saddle

Our new saddle, ATLAS, has a standard base with an adjustment to your size. It is this attention to detail that gives it the notion of semi-customization. Made from 100% French vegetable tanned leather, this saddle will stay with you for many years. Very resistant, the ATLAS was created for riders looking for a saddle with an accessible quality/price ratio. Using the qualities that make custom-made saddles desirable, Arion’s ATLAS is nevertheless available at $2,832 USD!

It focuses on comfort for the rider and is available in two similar but distinct models. The first model is specialized for jumper riders, while the second model is for cross country riders. The latter is then equipped with a girth to improve stability during jumps.

selle de jumping cuir 3

Selle de jumping

selle DRESSAGE sur-mesure nubuck

Selle de dressage

selle CROSS sur-mesure grainé

Selle de cross

Our Three Types of Custom Saddles

You may already be familiar with our three types of top-of-the-line saddles from Arion HST! These saddles benefit from excellent craftsmanship in leather work and are made to fit your personal measurements. They are adapted to your horse needs and your preferred type of seat can be chosen for these three types.

The models used for jumping are the most diversified. They can be designed with three different types of leather: nubuck, grained or calf. For dressage, our extra-hollow seat will provide stability and heightened sensations. For cross country, the seat is flat and the nubuck provides a silky touch without losing any of the skill.

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3 Questions That Sum Up Our Arion HST Premium Saddles

What is a Premium Saddle?

✨ At Arion HST, the high-end horse saddle is designed with the craftsmanship of leather artisans and benefits from the highest quality materials.

Standard and Premium Saddles: What is the difference?

🏇🏻 Top quality, Premium saddles compliment the uniquenesses of different body types of the horses. These saddles are also designed in accordance with thes measurements and have a much longer life than the standard saddle.

At Arion HST, What High-End Saddles are Available?

🐴 At Arion HST, you will find riding saddles designed on a half-size or custom-made basis for all types of riding practices.

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