Why choose an Arion saddle rather than another?

14 Sep, 2021
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As riders, the quest for excellence and results drives us at every moment. However, we know that equestrian performance is acquired through training, confidence and comfort.

Training and confidence are your domain, comfort is our specialty.

Discover Arion Horse Sport Tack and choose the right Arion saddle for you.



  1. Choosing a top of the line riding saddle
  2. The expertise of Arion Horse Sport Tack
  3. An Arion Horse Sport Tack saddle for each discipline

Choose a top of the range riding saddle

The saddle, by placing itself between our body and the horse’s, can sometimes become a constraint by creating a lack of comfort for the rider, or by blocking the horse’s dorsal line. A saddle that is not adapted to the horse’s body can cause the rider and horse to become disconnected from each other and greatly hinder performance.


A top of the range Arion saddle, the choice of quality

In order not to make your horse suffer and to make riding enjoyable, choosing a top of range saddle is a real strategy. At Arion Horse Sport Tack, we prefer high quality materials, such as French leather, in order to guarantee an outstanding durability.

Unlike conventional saddlers, each of our saddles is unique and designed for you. Moreover, the natural leather of our riding saddles is prepared to resist the demands of our sport. Repeated rubbing, bad weather, perspiration from the horse, sunlight, this special and resistant leather will quickly become your ally. Its great durability extends the life of your saddle, so that all you have to worry about is the result.


Comfort and rigor, a requirement for performance

Today, it is not uncommon to find that one saddle is often used by several riders and several horses. However, each horse has a specific morphology and so does each rider. So, ideally, each rider-horse pair should have its own saddle. At least that is what we think at Arion HST. With this in mind, we want to offer innovative, high-quality riding saddles that are dedicated to the well-being of the horse.

Knowing how much harm an unsuitable saddle can cause, we have focused our know-how on the constant search for comfort, so as not to constrain the horse.

Made to measure or half-measure, each of our saddles is designed according to your morphology. It adapts perfectly to the couple you form and eliminates the risk of injury.

The expertise of Arion saddlery

Since 2018, we design French leather riding saddles that we adapt to each horse and rider. 

Arion Saddlery and craftsmanship

Our riding saddles are made one by one, in an artisanal way in our workshop in the South-West of France. The South-West of France is a horse region and the birthplace of the most luxurious equestrian equipment manufacturers. It has a unique know-how in leather work.

Our workshop has more than forty years of experience in manufacturing top-of-the-range saddles. Such expertise, combined with high quality materials, is the assurance to accompany you in your performances.


A custom-made saddle to increase comfort tenfold

With the horse’s comfort as our guiding principle, we seek to make saddles that are ever more comfortable and innovative. We believe that to be ideal, a riding saddle should be a discreet link between the rider and the horse. Unfortunately, we have found that this is not always the case, even with the most renowned saddlers.

Therefore, we offer custom-made saddles, created according to the unique morphology of each horse and rider. This true work of goldsmithing makes each of our saddles a jewel combining comfort and performance.

In order to meet all requirements, we also offer half-measure riding saddles. The half-measure allows to adjust to each morphology a saddle with standard dimensions. The real compromise between quality and budget.

Arion Horse Sport Tack Accessories

An Arion saddle for every rider

Each rider is unique, in morphology, in requirements and in riding. Our Arion saddles are designed to bring you comfort and performance, whatever your riding style.

The Arion saddlery was created by two friends, both professional riders. One is a specialist in show jumping while the other prefers CCE. Between them, at least three saddles are needed.

The range of Arion Horse Sport Tack saddles extends from cross country saddles to dressage saddles and jumping saddles. All Arion saddles have the same high quality thanks to the 100% French leather and the great expertise of the manufacturing workshop.

 Each horse is unique, just like its rider, which is why Arion saddles are designed for the optimal comfort of the couple.


 Since 2018, our team has dedicated its time and energy to finding the perfect saddle. Our ambition is to make the saddle an element that does not hinder the horse in its locomotion. On the contrary, we want our saddles to be forgotten so that all the horse’s capacities are fully released. Arion Horse Sport Tack saddles are the result of years of research in the field.

In fact, each saddle is made for performance and designed for comfort. 

saddle horse leather

Three questions about our Arion Horse Sport Tack saddles

Why choose a high quality Arion saddle?

Arion saddles are custom designed and handcrafted in Southwestern France with 100% French leather. Each saddle is durable, resistant and very aesthetic. 

What is the difference between an Arion saddle and a classic saddle?

The Arion saddlery was founded on strong values of respect for the horse. Each saddle is adapted to the horse’s morphology, which makes it very comfortable for the couple. 

Which Arion saddle to choose?

The Arion HST saddlery offers jumping saddles, dressage saddles and also cross country saddles. Each saddle can be made to measure or half-measure.

Made to-measure saddles

Half custom fit saddle



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