Equipment made in France for your horse!

8 Mar, 2023
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Faced with the climate emergency, more and more of us are turning to clean products, made closer to home. Our sport is no exception to the rule, more and more riders are looking for equipment made in France for their horses!

At Arion HST, it is without pretension that we are proud to be a French manufacturer. Discover more about our quality and elegance throughout the article!


  1. What equipment does my horse need? 
  2. French made horse equipment.
  3. Made-to-measure for my horse.

What equipment for my horse?

Before looking at the origin of our equipment, we must know what equipment we need. Indeed, each horse, each rider and each discipline has its own requirements. 

Horse equipment made in France depending on the discipline

Horse riding has many disciplines. Most popular, jumping, cross-country, and dressage, which each require specific equipment. 

Thus, jumping, dressage, and cross-country riders have their own uniquely designed saddles for their desired discipline.

At Arion HST, we make sure that each rider finds the right equipment, adapted not only to their body type but also to their horse’s body type.

dressage saddle arion hst

Choose your equipment according to your expectations

Every rider has different expectations or goals, no matter your discipline. We all have our own expectations for our equipment in terms of value for money, aesthetics, or image. 

A rider who changes their mount regularly does not have the same needs for their horse equipment as another rider with one horse. 

Similarly, the choice of horse equipment is also unique according to the budget and goal for each rider and horse pair. 

However, there is one point on which all riders agree: comfort.

The equipment of our horses must be comfortable for us, but especially for them. A horse in properly fit equipment will be more inclined to work and perform to its best abilities. 

Our company is based on the respect of the horse and their comfort. Our riding equipment is made to never interfere with the horse and rider’s performance or cause any discomfort to the horse while working. For even more comfort, we create custom-made or half-measure saddles

Horse equipment made in France

As a French company, we have chosen to combine our knowledge with the expertise of a French workshop. Several factors influenced this decision to incorporate French craftsmanship and design.  

The quality of materials

Our Arion saddles, bridles, halters and other horse equipment are made with French leather. This high-quality leather meets very precise quality criteria. If we have selected it, it is because it meets our requirements of durability, beauty and solidity.

Leather is a natural and noble material. For our sport, it is an ideal material, because it responds well to the various stresses. Thus, repeated rubbing, sun or rain and even perspiration alter the material very little.

However, leather being a natural material, it is necessary to maintain it regularly with adapted maintenance products.  

Our French leather is selected by our workshop’s leatherwork experts. 


The expertise of a French workshop 

Our horse equipment is made in the southwest of France, in a workshop near Bayonne. This region is home to many other reputable tack manufacturers.  

However, not all of them have their production workshop as close to their offices, as we do. 

Our craftsmen have more than 40 years of experience in working with leather. They are trained to work with saddlery leather and luxury leather goods. They devote equal passion and precision to the work of both sectors. 

The advantage of our French workshop is the ease of exchange. We are in direct contact with the workshop, for a constant verification of the quality of production (even if we have full confidence in our craftsmen). 

French made-to-measure for my horse

The choice to locate our company in France allows us to be as close as possible to you. This proximity is essential for us to offer you quality equipment that is adapted to your needs. 

half custom fit saddle

Comfort and performance

For your horse’s equipment, particularly the saddle, you have the choice to have your saddle custom fit. 

At Arion HST, you will find cross-country, dressage and jumping saddles created according to you and your horse’s morphology.

Custom-made equipment is a guarantee of comfort. A custom-made saddle respects your horse’s curves and eliminates any blockage or compression points. Generally, the horse adapts to its equipment and may tend to compensate for a discomfort, which will create a functional imbalance. In our case, it is the saddle that adapts to your horse, freeing it from any constraint. 

Thus, your horse feels good at work and can express all its qualities. We believe in comfort at the service of performance. 


A team at your service

half custom fit saddle

Our role is to help you choose the best equipment for your horse. But our work does not stop once the horse equipment is in your tack room. 

We highly value the quality of our relationship with our riders. We make every effort to make sure our support is complete and we are always ready to respond to any of your requests. 

A question about our leather? A question about the proper maintenance of our halter? Need to repair a part? We are at your disposal in a fast and efficient way. 


Choosing horse equipment made in France with French materials is a guarantee of quality for your equipment, but also for our relationship. 

Three questions summarizing the advantages of French horse equipment. 

– How to choose my equipment? 

The choice of horse equipment depends on the discipline you practice, your expectations, and your budget. 

– How does French manufacturing benefit me? 

Choosing horse equipment made in France means that you can be sure of careful workmanship and impeccable finishing with noble materials.

– Why choose a French company for my horse equipment? 

By choosing Arion HST for your horse equipment, you choose personalized support in all the steps until your new equipment. 

Made to-measure saddles

Half custom fit saddle



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