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12 Jul, 2021
Written bysylvain houry
You have just chosen your riding saddle made from Arion HST but you don’t know which accessory would go well with it? We carry a variety of different horse accessories to satisfy your needs to compliment your new Arion HST saddle! From bridles to the martingales, let’s see which models are available and how to select them. More than just accessories; they improve the comfort of the saddle and optimize the well-being of your horse. How about we go through the questions together?

Summary :

  1. What is a horse accessory?
  2. Horse accessories: how to choose the right one?
  3. What can these accessories do for my horse?

What is a Horse Accessory?

A horse accessory is a generic term that defines the tools that compliments the horse and rider combination in addition to the saddle itself.

Tools that Complement the Saddle

A few additional pieces of tack are required to provide you and your horse with a stable and correct fitting of your Arion HST saddle. With these different pieces, stability will be improved, which is a real plus in show jumping. These different accessories are often made of the same leather as our saddles. Such accessories can be vital for practice and competition as well as activities surrounding such events.
selle de jumping cuir 3

Jumping saddle

selle DRESSAGE sur-mesure nubuck

Dressage saddle

selle CROSS sur-mesure grainé

Cross country saddle

Our Range of Accessories

For simplicity’s sake, we can divide horse accessories into two broad categories. The first category includes all of the accessories directly related to your horse’s head. You will find reins, halters and martingales. But also the headgear, which must be selected with the greatest care so as not to disturb your horse. All of these accessories, made of leather and metal, will help you to maintain connection and communication to your horse, to give them indications or directions. Used on a daily basis, they are then indispensable. The second category of leather accessories are more specifically related to the comfort of your horse. Girths, which allow the maintenance of the saddle around the abdomen of the horse. But also the leather shock absorbers, which help to reduce fatigue and stress.

Horse Accessories: How to Choose the Right One?

Our range of accessories is particularly diverse and should not be chosen lightly. Let’s take a look at some tips to help you find the ideal horse accessory.

Multiplying Accessories

The choice of an accessory is not a one-time thing, as you can combine them to improve the overall stability of the saddle and other tack. Make a list of your needs and what you are looking to solve before you buy a particular accessory.

The martingale, for example, is used to keep your horse from constantly lifting its head. This is useful if you are competing in jumping or dressage. The halter, which serves as a directional accessory, is best used when you are walking beside your horse.

This accessory is then of a practical nature outside of riding hours. All of these different accessories are complementary and can be bought together for a better sport practice.

A Size Adapted to the Morphology of the Horse

A horse accessory must always be chosen according to the morphology of the horse and their dimensions. It is exactly the same situation as for your saddle when looking at the importance of a good fit.

A badly adjusted or wrongly sized accessory will be either useless or dangerous for your horse. A martingale that is too narrow could injure your horse, while cases of irritation are multiplying because of girths that are too small.

To solve these problems, we offer several sizes. For example, our long anatomical girth comes in 7 sizes, from 48 to 58. The exceptions to the importance of purchasing accessories based on your horses’ size are the back cushions and pads, which are available in one size.

What Can These Accessories Do for my Horse?

The question of the contribution of accessories to your horse is the most important of all. Between style and technical contribution, Arion HST takes a look at the question with you.

A Homogeneous Style and Technique

Our Arion HST saddles are custom-made according to your riding needs and deserve high-quality horse accessories. To design these, we have selected the same 100% French leather and vegetable tanned, to give a stylistic homogeneity. You will find a lovely look where the girth and saddle are made with the same leather and portray a high-quality professionalism. You have chosen a light or dark color for this one? We offer you identical or complementary colors to complement your riding gear.

A Better Stability and an Improvement of the Well-Being

Stability, well-being of the horse, and comfort of the rider and performance are our key themes. These themes were used as a basis of the construction and development of design for our horse accessories. The use of high quality leather offers a one of a kind comfort to the horse.

Our girths, which are attached with a snap hook, do not cause any discomfort or irritation to your horse. Stability and comfort for both horse and rider is ensured without excluding safety. From the headrest to the girth, including the saddle itself, everything is designed to give you the means to achieve your ambitions.

Less tired, more relaxed, your horse gains in ease and helps you to surpass yourself during competitions thanks to the equipment adapted.

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3 Questions that Summarize our Range of Horse Accessories

Arion HST horse accessories: What are we talking about?

The term “horse accessories” refers to the various tools used to support and secure the horse in addition to the saddle: headbands, halters, martingales, and even shock absorbers.

Are the accessories to be purchased in addition to the Arion HST saddles?

Yes, the various leather accessories go hand in hand with our different saddle models, both in terms of style and technique.

How do I choose the horse accessory I need?

The type of riding, your horse’s body type and your own needs for saddle accessories should help you find the ideal accessories.

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