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17 Dec, 2021
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As a rider, the choice of a horse outfit is far from being purely aesthetic. Indeed, whether for reasons of comfort, elegance, but also performance, choosing a set allows you to keep the same level of quality in all your equipment. 

Let us explain it all to you in this new article.


  1. Why choose a set for your horse? 
  2. The right horse kit
  3. The important accessories for a horse outfit

Why choose an outfit for your horse? 

When we talk about a horse outfit, we often think of certain horses wearing a complete outfit of rugs, gaiters and matching hats. On a horse, a set can concern the more secondary equipment, but not only.

A set for elegance

Choosing to match your Arion riding pad with his other equipments and your own outfit, is a sign of great elegance. Only if you don’t fall into bad taste. 

Matching your riding gear is a good way to make your horse more aesthetic and beautiful. But this is not the only reason. 

A horse ensemble for comfort 

Arion HST Ear Net

Our horses are real athletes that we train to perform. Since they can’t speak, it is sometimes difficult for them to give us information on their condition or comfort. 

To remedy this and ensure that they are as comfortable as possible, it is sometimes necessary to adapt their equipment. We are talking about all riding equipment, from custom-made saddles to bridles, girths and reins. 

The importance of having the right riding equipment for your horse is well known. The right equipment limits injuries, promotes comfort, and therefore, allows performance. 

Thus, choosing a quality horse kit is the assurance that each part of the equipment is adapted to your horse. Which is for a tenfold comfort.

The right horse ensemble

Arion Saddlery specializes in custom-made or half-measure saddles, as well as other equipment adapted to the morphology of horses. Our goal is to make riding comfortable to every horse, so that each one can express their full potential. 

For now, we offer three models of saddles, one for each discipline. Each saddle has customization options to make it as close to you and your horse as possible.  

But our expertise extends beyond saddles.

Choosing a quality horse ensemble is the assurance that each part of the equipment is adapted to your horse.

Arion HST Ear Net

The matching and equally comfortable bridle

If it is adapted, the riding saddle guarantees a certain comfort for the rider, as well as for the horse. But it is not the only equipment imposed by our practice.

It happens that some horses easily got their head damaged by their harness. In this case, in addition to treating quickly these injuries to prevent them from getting worse, it is essential to find the cause and remedy it. 


At Arion, we want horses to be comfortable at all times. This is why we have developed specific and ergonomic harnesses. Our halter, for example, has an offset headpiece that eliminates pressure points on the mobile cartilaginous hump (behind the ears). This area is very sensitive in our horses, as it is highly innervated. 

In the same search for comfort, we have developed a complete ergonomic headpiece. This elastic headrest, with the elimination of the central support, considerably limits the pressure on the first cervical vertebrae of your animal. The hand actions are then felt behind the ears and are attenuated by padding. Tested and approved, this headgear allows your horse’s head to move freely, so that he can work in comfort and relaxation. 

Sometimes our horses need special tack, why deprive them of comfort in the harness?

Specific harnessing

To work properly, some horses require the help of harnesses. This is particularly true for horses that pull over jumps or whose morphology does not help the saddle to stay in place. 

To remedy this, we use harnesses such as a martingale or a hunting collar. At Arion, we want to make sure that these are really comfortable. That way, they can be forgotten during use.

Our three-point and five-point hunting collars ensure optimal stability of the saddle and outstanding comfort. The different points distribute the pressure to the shoulders, which are equipped with pads. 

Our different martingales are designed with French materials, durable and resistant. The quality of the materials is a guarantee of additional comfort. 

Finally, sometimes horses have a more sensitive back that we want to protect with a shock absorber half pad. This is a very commendable choice. For this case, we have designed a light shock absorber. It’s allowing a large amplitude to the spine, while absorbing the pressure of the saddle. Choose between a shock absorber or a withers pad, according to your horse’s needs. In case of doubt, our experts are at your disposal to answer your questions.

Non-negligible accessories for a horse ensemble

Now that we’ve covered all the essential tack and equipment for comfortable riding, why not indulge in a few accessories?

Comfort and aesthetics

In order to perfect your horse outfit, matching textiles can be a good solution. 

For example, by choosing a rug that matches your horse’s ear net, you can combine comfort, well-being and aesthetics. Besides, an ear net is much more than a simple accessory. In fact, it protects your horse from flies and limits the heating between the leather and the skin. 

At Arion, we have also thought of you. Your horse deserves the best, but you deserve no less. To protect you from the sun and the rain, discover our 100% cotton baseball cap and become part of the Arion team! 

In addition, in order to guarantee the durability of your saddle, it is necessary to use it with adapted accessories. The rubbing of stirrup leathers for example will be less harmful if they are made of quality leather and well maintained!

The care of the material

Good quality equipment is by definition durable. However, in order to prolong the durability of your horse’s ensemble and especially your tack, good maintenance is essential. 


Cleaning your leathers with proper equipment and greasing them regularly is the only way to keep them soft and comfortable for a long time. Soft leathers are much more pleasant and less restrictive than rigid leathers in contact with your animal’s body. 

At Arion, we only look for quality for optimal comfort and performance.

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