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11 Apr, 2022
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New Arion HST show protection. Our goal is to allow you to take your horse to the show in optimal conditions of comfort and safety. In addition to our custom or half-measure saddles, as well as our accessories, discover today the show protection. 

Information and explanations in this new article.


Show protections for my horse

Arion HST show protections

Show protection for my horse 

In competition, and more particularly in show jumping, competition horse boots are essential. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, they protect our horse from possible shocks. 

The importance of show jumping protection

When we practice show jumping, whatever our level or the height of the bars, we put our horse at risk. Indeed, between the speed of the gallop and the fact of crossing the obstacles, there are many risks that the horse hits itself. Moving at more than 20 kmph (250-400 m per minute) and linking jumps and curves, the horse can hit its limbs together. Furthermore, during jumps, our horses sometimes hit the bars. If they usually hit with the hooves, the front, or rear cannons can also be hit. 

The role of the show jumpers is then to absorb the possible shocks to protect the horse’s limbs. 

On the other hand, show gaiters and protections can play a crucial role in the presentation of our horse in competition. Indeed, the protections have their role to play in the finalization of a complete equipment, meeting the expectations of the stewards in the paddock. 

Whether it’s show jumping or Hunter, the jury will be looking at the style and aesthetics of the horse when it goes on the track, so it’s best to make it as beautiful as possible.

Regulations, what is allowed or not on the fields 

As we all know, more or less written regulation govern our sport. Indeed, the obligations and needs in terms of equipment or clothing to ride a horse, in competition or in training, are not always written in black and white. However, in response to the aristocratic heritage of our sport, we must maintain a certain etiquette of horsemanship, whether we are competitors or not. 

Nevertheless, some rules are well and truly noted in the official regulations. For example, in competition, the rider cannot wear any outfit he wants, and the horse cannot show up with any kind of harness. 

There are also regulations for competition protection. 

Concerning the gaiters and protections for the front legs, the regulations are quite flexible. However, fetlock protectors do not suffer the same fate. The French Federation regulations are strict, they only allow one category of fetlock protectors, whether in the paddock or on the track. The September 2021 update of the competition rules specific to show jumping specifies the type of competition protection authorized depending on the event. 

In general, only hind leg protectors with a single shell not exceeding 20 cm on the inner side and 5 cm on the outer side are allowed. Failure to comply with this regulation will result in the elimination of the rider from the competition. 

Please note, however, that the regulations differ according to the events reserved for seven-year-old horses, Club, Pony, Amateur or Prep events as well as Pro or Teacher events. 

It is best to check these regulations before going to the show.

horse contest protection

Arion HST show protection

At Arion HST, our vocation is to make riding as comfortable as possible for your horse, to optimize its performance. In addition to our saddles and accessories, Arion’s saddlery now includes competition horse boots.

The work of the materials for an optimal comfort

In the purest respect of our values, our competition protections meet high requirements. Indeed, because we want them to be durable and comfortable, only noble materials constitute our competition horse boots.

  • Leather

Leather, a noble and high-quality material by definition, can be found in our competition gaiters and fetlock protectors.

Well-maintained leather offers unparalleled strength. It is not for nothing that it is the priority material for riding equipment.

Leather is a flexible material that adapts to its use. In fact, after a few rides on the grounds, the competition horse boots will fit your horse’s body perfectly! 

  • Other components

In addition to leather, our show protectors are made of soft polymer covered with a layer of woven nylon. This alloy forms the anti-shock and absorbent aspect of the gaiter. The fabric does not heat the horse’s skin. The protections are quickly forgotten so that your horse remains focused only on its performance.

Horse-specific show protectors

The purpose of the competition horse boots, just like the working horse boots, is to protect the cannon area on our horses’ limbs. 

But why this particular area? The cannon area, whether it is the front or the back, is composed of :

  • the metacarpal bone on the anterior and metatarsal on the posterior,
  • the medial and lateral rudimentary metacarpal and metatarsal bones, 
  • the suspensory ligament of the fetlock,
  • the superficial and deep flexor tendons.

It is then a rather dense and fragile body region. Indeed, on the cannon, no muscle exists, nor a sufficient quantity of fat to protect the whole.


The protections thus compensate for the fragility of this zone. Moreover, they are essential because, in case of trauma, more or less serious lesions can appear. These lesions, as in the case of suros, can cause lameness. 

Three questions about the Arion show protectors

What is the material of the show protectors?

Our show horse boots are made of leather for strength and resistance. 

When will it be possible to buy these protections?

Some of our riders are already using our competition horse boots. They will be available for sale very soon. We will inform you via our social networks!

Are the competition protections essential?

The protections are neither essential nor mandatory in competition. However, for reasons of comfort and safety, it is preferable to use them.

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