An Arion custom saddle for your horse

29 Nov, 2021
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What would you say to offering your horse the comfort of an Arion custom-made saddle? 

Quality of materials, great durability, tenfold comfort for optimal performance, choosing a custom-made saddle for your next horse can be a very wise choice. 

Let us explain it all to you in this article!



  1. The advantages of an Arion custom saddle for my horse
  2. An Arion custom-made saddle, a guarantee of quality

1) The advantages of an Arion custom saddle

When it’s time to choose a new saddle for your horse, the question of customization arises. Indeed, since our horses, like us, have different morphologies, mass-produced saddles are not always adapted. 

  • A custom-made saddle for more comfort

Our horses are real athletes. Indeed, we always work and train them in search of excellence. In order to achieve this, we offer them the best living conditions, the best food and the most qualitative training. However, if you take a closer look, our horses do not always benefit from the best equipment. 

It is a fact that our equipment, as expensive and beautiful as it is, is not always adapted to our horses. 

In fact, we usually find out too late that our equipment is inadequate when our horse is injured. These injuries appear as swellings, sores or white hairs and signal the need to change equipment. Sometimes, a period of rest is even essential for the proper healing of these wounds … Sometimes also, the inappropriate saddles cause invisible wounds, but very present, which completely change the behavior of the horse. He becomes restive, refuses to work and sometimes even behaves dangerously. 


Thus, for the good of our horses, the adaptation of their equipment is necessary. It will contribute to their well-being as well as to the durability of our saddlery.

saddle horse leather
  • Equipment that lasts a long time

Today, the life of a riding saddle is estimated at several years. Well, only if it is perfectly adapted to our horse. Otherwise, as we have seen, it may injure the horse and force you to change your saddle. 

In fact, a custom-made saddle perfectly adapted to your horse’s back, to the shape of his withers and to his general anatomy, will help him in his quest for performance. With a custom-made saddle on the back, your horse will not feel any discomfort, blockage or compression. His body will be able to articulate normally and he will be able to perform to his full potential. 

But that’s not all. 

Thanks to our experience as riders, we have observed that horses respond to their riders’ problems. In concrete terms, our horses tend to compensate for a postural defect that we have, without us even realizing it. 

Have you noticed that your horse suffers from tendonitis on one side more than the other? Or that your horse is visiting the osteopath more often? Or that he has a posture problem? What if you were the cause of these defects? 

 Our posture and our own balance have a huge influence on our horse’s locomotion. By choosing a custom-made or half-measure saddle, we can correct or limit our postural defects. Thus, it is a virtuous circle that begins. By limiting the injuries that we unintentionally inflict on our horse, it works more comfortably, which increases its performance over the long term. 

An adapted saddle will follow you for a long time, for the good of the athlete-couple that you form with your horse.

2) An Arion custom-made saddle, a guarantee of quality 

At Arion Saddlery, we are both riders and saddle-fitter. Our years of experience help us to sharpen our eyes every day to detect the slightest problem that could hinder a horse at work. 

leather riding saddle
  • Expertise and knowledge

We know that saddles are becoming more and more technical. We also know that as we practice and progress on horseback, we need different equipment. 

Indeed, the more we progress in riding, the more we need a technical saddle, answering the needs of our discipline. 

According to the saddle-fitter Eugénie Cotterau, if a rider does not have the equipment allowing him a posture adapted to his body, he will progress much more slowly. 

Thus, it is in the constant research of this equipment always more adapted that we thought the Arion saddlery. 

Thus, our custom-made saddles have seats adapted to your morphology, in order to free the movement of your hips and allow you to find your posture on horseback. 


In addition, to make sure that your saddle fits you perfectly, we accompany you every step of the way in your purchasing decision. We discuss your needs and expectations together, our experts take the necessary measurements, and then we stay by your side until your future saddle is on your horse’s back. 


For our custom-made Arion saddles, we have also focused our research on the quality of materials and workmanship.

dressage saddle arion hst 2
  • Local and luxurious manufacturing

All of our saddles as well as the different riding accessories that you can find on Arion’s store are made according to the same requirements. 

Our products are made of rigorously selected French leather and tanned using a vegetable method. 

The whole of our range is also manufactured by the expert hands of the craftsmen of our partner workshop. 

With more than forty years of experience in leather work, we have chosen this workshop for the high quality of their work. The leather craftsmen are rigorously trained there, even though they are already experienced. 

Our collaboration allows us to offer you custom-made saddles that meet your needs and are also made of the finest materials. 

Moreover, our workshop is expert in the repair of all leather parts. So, in case of an accident with your saddle or your other riding equipment, contact one of our experts to have your equipment repaired.

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