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15 Nov, 2021
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What if you chose Aquitaine for your next jumping saddle? The Aquitaine region is the cradle of the horse world and home to the most prestigious saddlers. 

That’s why we at Arion HST have established ourselves there. 

Find out why you should choose this region for your riding equipment.



  1. Why choose a jumping saddle?
  2. Why get advice on buying a saddle?
  3. The know-how of the southwest available everywhere in France


1) Why choose a jumping saddle? 

As a rider, the choice of equipment is essential. It ensures comfort and safety for you and your horse. But why choose a jumping saddle rather than a mixed saddle?

  • Each saddle has its own purpose

In horseback riding, there are different types of saddles. In fact, there is almost one saddle per discipline. For example, if you practice classical riding, you can choose between a jumping saddle dedicated to show jumping, a dressage saddle, specific to this discipline, or a cross-country saddle.

These specific saddles have very different morphologies. For example, a jumping saddle will have shorter and more forward flaps than a dressage saddle, which has a hollow seat to keep the pelvis in place. 

In practical terms, the shape of each saddle is designed to help the rider practice a specific discipline. 

It is possible to practice any discipline with any saddle, but this is at the expense of your comfort and that of your horse.

Lynn Symansky Arion HST
  • The search for comfort and performance

A saddle is designed for a specific discipline and therefore meets the requirements of that discipline. For example, a jumping saddle allows a certain mobility of the horse’s spine. Moreover, the padding is dense enough to absorb the shocks of the practice. On the other hand, a dressage saddle corresponds to the practice by imposing a low and almost vertically stretched leg position. This type of saddle allows the rider to feel the movements of the horse’s body, while leaving a great amplitude to the rider’s hip.

Of course, there are saddles called mixed or multipurpose. They are perfectly suited to the initiation of different disciplines by adapting to each of them. However, when we progress and our riding becomes regular and efficient, it is necessary to adapt our equipment. 

Thus, for sport riders practicing show jumping, it is necessary to turn to a jumping saddle to avoid any risk of discomfort for the rider-horse couple. 

However, faced with the large number of jumping saddles on offer, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a choice.

2) Why get advice on buying a saddle?

Fortunately, our team of experts is at your disposal to offer you THE saddle that will best suit your needs and those of your horse. 

  • Optimal comfort for a lasting investment

At Arion Horse Sport Tack, we offer custom-made jumping saddles, for a total respect of your horse’s morphology. 

Indeed, a saddle must be a relay between you and your horse, but never a constraint. It must allow each part to “feel” the other, without any hindrance or blocking point. 

However, it is still very common to find horses injured, reluctant to work or even changing their attitude, simply because their equipment is not adapted. 

Lynn Symansky Arion HST

By offering only custom-made or half-measure saddles, we focus on comfort at the service of performance. A saddle that adapts to your horse’s morphology, without constraining or hindering it, allows it to fully express its qualities. It gives the best of itself and this, in every session. 


Moreover, a jumping saddle adapted to the morphology of your horse is also an insurance. By not creating any discomfort, a custom-made saddle will prevent the appearance of disorders or other pathologies in the horse. A custom-made or half-measure saddle is therefore a lasting investment for a flawless comfort. 


However, trusting our experts for your future jumping saddle in Aquitaine is not only a question of comfort.

  • A complete accompaniment

At Arion HST, in addition to custom-made jumping, dressage or cross-country saddles, we offer you a real accompaniment. 

Our saddle-fitters will be at your side at every step, from the beginning of the saddle search until the saddle is on your horse’s back. Our advisers travel in France, USA and Canada so that each rider choosing our equipment benefits from the same accompaniment. 

Once your jumping saddle is manufactured and in place in your saddlery, we remain at your disposal if you encounter any problem. 

Moreover, our workshop is also an expert in repairs. An accident can happen quickly, but is just as quickly repaired! 

Arion HST is a French saddler who will accompany you from A to Z, wherever you are.

3) The know-how of the South-West, available everywhere in the world

Based in France (Aquitaine), our support nevertheless extends to the borders of the hexagon. We have chosen the South-West for its numerous artisanal qualities.

  • Years of experience

Arion HST exists since 2018. However, our saddles are made in a workshop with more than forty years of experience in leather work. Thus, we trust expert hands to offer each rider and each horse high-quality material. 

Before being saddlers, we are riders. We know the different requirements of the horse world, and we understand them. So we make equipment that we are proud of and that we use ourselves. 

This is in line with our need for transparency. We only use noble French materials, worked by the best experts.

  • A dedicated workshop

To get the best, it is necessary to work with the best. 

Our equipment (saddles, girths, bridles and accessories) are manufactured in a production workshop that is expert in leather work. The workshop is located a few kilometers from our offices, for even more proximity. 

It is important to us to work with a dedicated workshop, because it is a guarantee of quality. In this way, we surround ourselves with the best leather experts in Aquitaine to offer you the best material.

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