The characteristics of a good dressage saddle !

9 Jun, 2021
Written bysylvain houry

When the time comes for you to invest in a good dressage saddle, there are many models to choose from. They seem to be indistinguishable, yet there are several features that make the difference between a good saddle and a bad one.
So let’s see together how to recognize an exceptional model. Then we’ll talk about the accessories that are essential to equip it and what it should give you. What if you found the model of your dreams at Arion HST?


  1. How to recognize a good dressage saddle?
  2. Quality dressage saddle with what parts?
  3. What should a good dressage saddle give you ?
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How to recognize a good dressage saddle

Did you know that you could recognize a good saddle at a quick look? In fact, the quality of materials used in its design and the method of manufacture are good clues.

A custom design

At Arion HST, we advocate custom manufacturing because it is the only way to get you a perfect saddle for you. The design from the measurements of your horse and yours is thus the only one that allows to reach the top of the range.

Premium materials

Our leather craftsmen are formal about it: a good saddle is designed with premium materials. Since the creation of our company, we have focused on the selection of high quality leathers 100% French origin.
Vegetable tanning, which respects the French traditions in the matter, is privileged. To reach the highest level of perfection, our craftsmen know how to play with materials. The skins of several animals are intermingled to give body to our different saddles. Make the choice of your finish and discover the best in national craftsmanship.

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Leather work in our workshop in southwest France!

High-quality dressage saddle with what parts?

A high quality dressage saddle does not become so only because of a noble material. It also becomes so thanks to the centuries-old knowledge of our leather craftsmen. Zoom in on the pieces they have chosen for you!

Constitution of a riding saddle

A good riding dressage saddle should have an extra-soft seat. This provides foolproof stability, even if your horse makes sudden movements. This reduces the risk of falling and even back pain, as often happens with a bad saddle. That’s the difference with a jumping saddle, which can be designed with all three types of seats.
The enfourchure, which is the width of your leg spread, has been decreased. Without it, dressage would be more complex due to blurred communication between you and your horse. The side panels, which protect the inside of your legs, have been enlarged. All these features make for a high quality dressage saddle. Would you be able to recognize it?

Dressage saddle: the accessories not to be missed

To use a saddle for dressage, accessories of such good workmanship are essential. At Arion HST, we recommend accessories that are therefore in the continuity of the dressage saddle. An anatomic franch noseband bridle, available on our online site, will therefore be useful. In particular, it will help to maintain the bridle without however hindering your horse in taking orders.
Soft and short reins could also be of great help to you. The bridle, which goes hand in hand with the headstall, also helps to keep your horse’s movements together. So, to make the saddle give its full potential, consider coupling it with equally qualitative accessories.

What should a good dressage saddle do for you?

The characteristics of a good saddle are also intangible. They are recognized after several months of practice and are measured by your own improvement in the discipline.

A better feeling with your horse

All of the improvements offered by Arion HST, such as the shoulder free panels, are aimed at this goal. If the feel of your horse can be conveyed to you during practice, then you can improve. As soon as your horse feels tired or has difficulties, you will know. You will then be able to make informed decisions.
With this, you can reduce your horse’s fatigue and perhaps solve problems that were previously insurmountable. The commands you give him are more fluid with the help of a quality saddle. So does your understanding of your horse. Your own knowledge of your mount will be changed in a positive way.

A vehicle for continuous improvement

Good communication is the basis for optimizing the horse/rider relationship. By mastering your communication with your horse, you give yourself the opportunity to understand him better. You will then know when a practice needs to be changed. You will also be able to adapt your training to the needs of the moment.
In time, a good dressage saddle gives you the opportunity to excel at competitions. Were you feeling at your best before this purchase? You’ll be able to push yourself beyond your own limits to go even further in the years to come. That’s what a great saddle is known for: it accompanies the successes of both rider and mount.

3 questions that sum up the characteristics of a good dressage saddle

How is a good dressage saddle created?

A good saddle should be made to measure from the measurements of the horse and rider and from fine materials.

Arion HST dressage saddle: what’s new?

Compared to other dressage saddles, the models by Arion HST improve the feeling between horse and rider, for optimal communication.

What accessories go with a good dressage saddle?

For a dressage saddle to be optimal, it should be equipped with various accessories such as a bridle, high-end reins or even an elastic headpiece.

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