Anatomic Elastic Headpiece



  • Wide, foam padded crown piece
  • Total freedom of the spine, poll and jaw
  • Move freely throughout their body
  • Detailed stitching and quality leather
  • Comes with all Arion’s bridles
  • Made in India

Arion HST's Anatomic Elastic Headpiece attaches to any bridle. This wide, padded crown piece is specially designed to decrease pressure on the poll using a strong elastic centerpiece.

The headpiece molds to the horse's head and flexes with their motion. Allows for total freedom of the spine, poll and jaw.
It encourages the horse to flex in it's poll, reach into the contact, and move freely throughout their body.

Leather Care Guide

Take care of your bridle with our Leather Care Kit.
Remove all dust. Then, clean all parts of your bridle with the Leather Soap, once dry, nourish with our Leather Grease. To take care and maintain your leathers on a daily basis, we have prepared a maintenance guide for you to find here.

Materials & Manufacturing

  • Wide, foam padded crown piece
  • Made in India

Size Guide

Choose the right size for your horse!

Pony D
Horses under 1.65m
Horses between 1.65m and 1.75m
Horses more than 1.75m

Shipping & Returns

Delivery time:
5-7 work days.
Free delivery with purchases over $1,000.

Shipping Costs:

  • Free delivery if you pick up at our booth in Wellington, Florida January – March;
  • Free delivery if you pick up from our office in Wellington, Florida;
  • Free delivery with purchases over $1,000.
  • USA: 5-7 business days $20;
  • Canada: 7-10 business days $25.

Return tack or accessories within 14 days of purchase. The product must be new, with labels attached. Once the product is received at our Wellington office and is as described above, you will be fully reimbursed.

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Arion's Innovation

A patent-protected innovation!

Customized Advice

Our experts will come to you and offer expert advice as you try our various models and modifications of saddles.

Excellent Customer Service

Receive your order within 7 business days. We are available to you to help with your needs.

Any questions?

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The only ergonomic anatomic elastic Headpiece in the world.

Arion HST presents its innovation, protected by a patent, the ergonomic elastic headpiece! It frees your horse’s spine and ensures head mobility.
This headpiece is adjustable on all. Arion bridles !

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Training Bridle


  • Cheek pieces are fitted with snap hooks
  • The bits are fitted with snap hooks for a quick and efficient bit change
  • Stabilizes the bit using less pressure
  • Contrasting cream colored stitching
  • Foam padded headpiece and crown piece
  • Silver stainless steel buckles
  • Reins and bits not included
  • Removable noseband
  • Made in India

Our experts are there for you.

Arion’s team of experts are here with the knowledge and expertise to provide each unique horse and rider with their ideal saddle complement.
Once you have scheduled an appointment, one of our experts will be happy to come out and introduce you to the Arion collection. After learning more about you and your horse, the expert will assess the fit of your preferred model(s). Once they have made any necessary adjustments, it is time for a test ride. Observing the saddle in motion provides Arion experts with immense insight into saddle fit for both horse and rider. Then it’s onto the fun stuff: designing your custom Arion! Select your preferred leather, color accent and nameplate.

Following your consultation, your saddle specifics will be sent to our expert craftsmen in France, where your beautiful custom saddle will be created.

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