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25 May, 2021
Written bysylvain houry

As a rider, you already know that nothing beats custom-made gear. After a training session, you are less tired and your commands are executed more easily by your mount. The communication with your horse is improved and you can finally surpass yourself during the different riding competitions. The custom saddle by Arion HST contributes to this continuous improvement. From the dimensions to the choice of colors, you control the design of your saddle from A to Z! Review of details of this particularity made in Arion.


  1. What dimensions for my custom saddle?
  2. What types of customization for my riding saddle?
  3. Does my Arion HST custom saddle have unique accessories?

What dimensions for my custom saddle?

The basis for designing an Arion custom saddle is taking measurements of not only your mount but also yours, its rider.

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The perfect size for you

Most of the riders or riders want to buy a unique saddle in order to gain comfort while riding. If you are one of them, then you are in the right because you have realized that a saddle designed on someone else’s measurements would not completely fit you. After several hundred hours of use, it might even give you back pain and increased fatigue.

Moreover, the adjustable side of the girths, the majority of the saddle accessories or even the shock absorbers do not guarantee that the saddle model you have chosen will fit you! To ward off any problems, Arion guarantees a saddle made to your dimensions only in order to bring you a personalized product that is adapted to your personal riding practice.

A morphological adaptation to your horse

From the moment you engage the manufacture of a made to measure saddle with our saddlery workshop, we take the initiative to take the measurements of the morphology of your horse. This will allow us to adapt the interior of the saddle to the musculature and bone structure of your horse so that it does not cause back pain as it is used. Many riders think of a custom saddle as fitting their own measurements.

That’s true, but it’s not enough to design a piece of equipment that is perfectly suited to your riding. A complete study of your horse’s motor skills is also undertaken to ensure that no girths or shock absorbers impede its movements.

Thank you so much Arion! Your saddle has made a HUGE difference in my performance and has made me feel free and happy.

Alexis Larson

What types of customization for my riding saddle?

The concept of a custom saddle is still poorly understood by riders around the world. It is in theory very simple: each constituent part of your saddle will be tailored to your needs!

A seat according to the practice and your preferences

The type of seat to incorporate into your saddle should be based on your intended riding practice but also on your own comfort preferences. For example, the cross saddles and jumping saddles by Arion HST come in three models with different seats.

The flat seat is more for people with a very good sense of balance since it offers great freedom of movement. The hollow seat is the exact opposite as it will allow the rider to remain perfectly stable, even in jumping situations. In between these two types of seats, you’ll also find the semi-hollow, which straddles the line between freedom of movement and rock-solid stability! Note that our dressage saddles are only available with the hollow seat.

Different color and leather finish ranges

Who says personalized saddle necessarily says unique visual finishes adapted to your personality! For this, we design at Arion HST, different chromatic solutions for each type of saddle as well as various proposals of leather finishes. Between various tactile sensations and personalized colors, you are bound to find the saddle of your dreams among our multiple ranges!

More specifically, all of our saddle series, whether for dressage, show jumping or cross country, are available in brown or black. The cross country and jumping series also have an additional color: gold. In addition to the colors, the finishes available are calf lining and nubuck for each series, with the calf grained finish added for the jumping saddle.

Does my Arion HST custom saddle have unique accessories?

When you choose the custom saddle by Arion HST, you will be able to take advantage of our craftsmen’s expertise in making horseback riding accessories and girths.

Customized saddle, straps and accessories too

Of course, by selecting a made to measure saddle, you are also making the choice to discard mass-produced accessories. Simply because these would not be compatible with the specific measurements of your new saddle. So to solve this simple problem, Arion HST also designs accessories of all types, such as halters and martingales.

Of course, all these parts are also made of leather. Our various shock absorbers, such as wither pads and anatomical models, can also be designed based on measurements previously taken on your horse.

Customized sizes and colors

At Arion HST, choosing a custom saddle gives you the opportunity to enjoy bridles and girths that are tailored to your saddle. More than accessories, they can be made in the chromatic continuity of your saddle.

All our girths are thus customizable in size and color (available in black and brown like the saddles). Our range of short girths is offered in sizes ranging from 115, for the smallest, to 145 for the largest models. As for the reins, two sizes are available: the full size, to equip horses, and the pony size. To sum up, every accessory, from bridle to reins, comes in many customizable sizes and colors.

Do like Lynn Symansky and join the Arion team!

3 questions to sum up your saddle customization by Arion HST

Is the custom saddle by Arion HST made to measure?

Yes, the Custom Saddle by Arion HST is designed from your horse’s morphology but also from your own rider measurements.

Arion HST saddle: what customizations are available?

For each type of saddle, whether for cross country, show jumping or dressage, the accessories, color and leather finishes are fully customizable.

What saddle accessories can be customized?

Arion HST saddle accessories that can be customized include bridles, girths, halters, martingales or even reins.

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