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6 Dec, 2021
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Great news at the end of this year, take advantage of Arion’s presence on Private Sport Shop ! The leader of private sales dedicated to sports now counts the high-end equestrian equipment manufacturer among its brands! 

Learn more about this collaboration in this new article!


  1. The history of Private Sport Shop
  2. Arion on Private Sport Shop
  3. Arion private sales

1) The history of Private Sport Shop

Created in 2011 in the Hérault region of France, Private Sport Shop is the European leader in private sales of sporting goods. 

It was born under the impulse of its founders, passionate about sports and eager to make quality equipment accessible to the greatest number. 

On the company’s website, you will find various private sales of new products from major brands.

Private sales dedicated to sports

Private Sport Shop is based on the principle of private sales. Thus, it is necessary to be a member to have access to it. However, registration is completely free. 

To find the Arion universe on Private Sport Shop, you just have to create your account and stay tuned for the next sale!

A large part of our products will be available on Private Sport Shop, it will be up to you to choose !

The surplus stock

The products sold on Private Sport Shop are new products, from brands recognized in their sport. On the Private Sport Shop website, you will find products from old collections, unsold or overstock products. 

These are new products, sleeping in the stock of the brands, which are unfortunately sometimes destined to be discarded. 


Far from us the idea to give our products away, we have registered Arion on Private Sport Shop for other reasons.

Arion HST Ear Net

2) Arion on Private Sport Shop

The Arion HST saddlery is specialized in custom-made and half-measure saddles for the three disciplines of classical riding. Each of our saddles is made on demand and by hand, in a dedicated workshop. Thus, by making one Arion saddle per couple, we have no stock.

An environmental factor

However, our range of accessories, which includes bridles, girths and saddle accessories, is manufactured in limited series in our workshop. For these products, we prefer to manufacture in larger quantities, taking into account natural wear and tear. 

Although Arion products are mass-produced, we do not over-produce. 


However, even though our series are limited, we cannot predict the number of sales. 

Therefore, these high quality products are stored in our workshops, waiting to be put on your horse. Not wanting to throw them away or see them damaged, we wanted to join the values of Private Sport Shop by launching a collaboration.


This collaboration reinforces Arion’s environmental commitment by not producing any environmental waste. 

Seeing Arion on Private Sport Shop is also a good solution for our future customers and their horses.

Girth arion

Arion at low prices 

On Private Sport Shop, private sales are discounted. This means that new products are offered at reduced prices, sometimes up to 80% of the original price. 

This does not take away the quality of the product. On the contrary, it even allows us to make our products accessible to the greatest number of people. 


As a high-end saddlery, at Arion, we are aware that the price of our products can sometimes be an obstacle. However, the comfort of our horses is priceless. By collaborating with Private Sport Shop’s riding range, Arion makes itself accessible to all, so that every rider can offer his horse all the comfort it deserves. It is also a way to complete your horse equipment made in France


During Arion’s private sales on Private Sport Shop, you will find our different product ranges, except for our saddles, which are made to measure and on request.

3) Arion private sales

As mentioned above, our company is based on the search for permanent comfort, for the horse and the rider. 

By being adapted to the unique morphology of each couple, our saddles are forgotten and allow your horse to move without any constraint. 

In this quest for comfort, we have also developed a wide range of bridles, girths and saddle accessories. These products, as ergonomic as they are, are not custom-made. They are adjustable and adapt to the morphology of each horse. These are the products you will find on Private Sport Shop.

The Arion bridle to find on Private Sport Shop

During the Arion private sales, you will find on Private Sport Shop our range of anatomical and ergonomic bridles

Our different bridles are dedicated to the comfort of your horse. The headpiece, browband and noseband elements are padded in French leather to limit uncomfortable pressure points. 

Our bridles are tested and approved to facilitate the relaxation of the horse at work, with the aim of making it available and light, listening and without constraint. 

While stocks last, you can also purchase one of our top-of-the-line reins to complement your Arion bridle. 

Our classic and anatomic halters will also be part of the Private Sport Shop private sales.

Rearsets and other accessories

During the Private Sport Shop private sales, you will also find our different horse tack. Our three and five point hunting collars, martingales and forks are waiting for you. The discounts applied to these products may be a trigger for you who were hesitating to place an order with our experts. 

Other products, such as our shock absorbers or wither pads will also take part in the Arion private sale on Private Sport Shop. Designed to free the horse’s back line and diffuse pressure on the shoulders, these anatomical mesh shock absorbers are real assets for horses with very specific morphologies. 


On Private Sport Shop, Arion’s private sales may also be the opportunity to restock your own leather care products. You can choose between the complete pack or the products individually. All at the best price, to maintain your equipment with the right products and thus prolong their longevity. 

You will have understood that if we have decided to collaborate with Private Sport Shop, it is with the aim of giving each rider the possibility to improve the comfort of his horse, with adapted equipment.

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